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Building Your Own Home
Building Your Own Home
17th Edition
By David Snell and Murray Armor

"Anybody who is contemplating building their own house should read this first, there is a broad overview of the whole process and advise on many difficult decisions."
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Dictionary of Building
The Penguin Dictionary of Building
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Building Regs in Brief
Building Regulations in Brief
Ray Tricker
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The Housebuilder's Bible: An Insider's Guide to the Construction Jungle

The Housebuilder's Bible Sixth Edition
By Mark Brinkley

Product Details:
Paperback 400 pages (Nov 1, 2004)
Publisher: Ovolo Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 0954867408
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Book Description
The Housebuilder's Bible is the first and only guidebook to mix yardstick costing with information and advice on residential building projects in the UK.
The author is an experienced housebuilder and renovator and much of the detail in the book is drawn from personal experience.
The sixth edition has been fully revised, expanded and updated to reflect recent changes in prices and legislation and it includes sections specifically for renovators and converters. This 400-page book has been completely redesigned and includes new tables, designed to be clearer and easier to use.
It's an ideal companion for anybody, selfbuilder or professional, who seeks to build well and wants to know more about how to make and stick to a budget.

A unique title that combines cost information with guidance and comment in the fast growing selfbuild arena. Now in its sixth edition, the Housebuilders Bible is fully up to date on recent building reg changes for the UK mark This is one of those books that has become a cult hit despite the publishing and bookselling trades. Self published because no publisher was originally interested in the concept, sold via mail order because bookshops don't like to deal with one man and a dog publishers, it first appeared in 1994 with a print run of just a few hundred. The print run on the previous edition was more than 30,000. So who is buying it and why? The majority of purchasers are drawn from Britain's growing army of selfbuilders, people building new homes or renovating existing ones, who appreciate the frank and at times brutal appraisal of their efforts. However there is also a large number of architects, surveyors and builders who sing its praises. The information in the book is detailed and infomative yet the presentation is succint and often witty. If you just want to find out how the British build houses, this is a fascinating read. If you want to actually build one yourself, then frankly you'd be nuts not to have read this book from cover to cover. It's 400 pages are packed with information on all aspects of homebuilding and renovating including more than 90 tables which detail current construction costs on everything from drains to hanging curtains. Even if the only tools you ever lift are your chequebook and your credit card, you will still benefit from owning this book.

Comments on the previous edition included the following:

Great book for people thinking of selfbuild,renovations and modernisation.
It covers most issues you will come across doing any build work and its a great book for any one wanting to update their house.
As the book gives a lot of information written to 2002 specs you could add alot of modern features to your house without doing any drastic build work and if you are wanting to sell obviously this will help.Altogether this is a good book its full of information mainly written for the selfbuilder but if you are wanting the know how of how a house is built from top to bottom then this is the book for you but the book is not a diy guide but its absolutely full of information.

Worth it's weight in gold, February 6, 2002
Absolutely astounding book. Informative practical and useful. Don't think about self build, renovation, or major DIY until you have got a copy. It is practical and will save you much more than the cover price. Well written and concise.

Selfbuilders - If you do nothing else - buy this and read it, March 30, 2004
It's very simple - do not attempt to start planning the self-build or major renovation of anything more than a broom cupboard under the stairs (and it's probably worth the cover price for even that!) until you have bought this book and read it from cover to cover at least twice. I have half a dozen other "home building" books and this is the one I always go back to. Not for nothing is it called the Housebuliders "Bible".

It doesn't set out to tell you how to project manage building a house. HOWEVER, it's written in such a way that I learnt enough from an earlier edition of this book to do exactly that. It DOES tell you how much it might all end up costing and how to keep control over the costs when you are project managing - or more importantly - someone else is project managing the work.

By dissecting each part of the build process from planning all the way through to putting up curtains it gives you an excellent idea of what's involved when you build a house and as I've said controlling the single most important issue which is cost - and trust me on this - controlling costs IS the number one issue you will face.


An absolute god-send, March 4, 2003
If you're thinking of doing a self-build, then you simply have got to get this book. It can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. At the very least, you'll know for sure whether someone in the trade is trying to rip you off! A cracking book that has made my project 100x more likely to keep on budget - and I'm sure it can do it for you to.

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